Tons of Success Stories

Our students have landed high paying careers in Quant Finance and are now Quant Traders, Quant Researchers, and Quant Analysts

"Was honestly pretty shocked at how well the course prepared me for every type of question that I got asked in my interviews."


Offers: Hudson River Trading, SIG

"Got asked word-for-word 3 of the same questions from the question bank at my on-site yesterday."


Offers: 2 boutique firms

"Thank you for hopping on the phone with me last weekend and telling me what to expect for the interviews... exact methodology came in use for 2 of the final rounds."


Offers: 1 boutique firm

"...100x more comprehensive than the green book or any online question banks"


Offers: Hudson River Trading, Jump Trading

"...didn't think it would be possible from a non-target school, but I'm starting at [redacted] full-time in September. Could not have done it without your help. TY for being so responsive."


Offers:  1 boutique firm

"Hey, I want to take a sec to thank you and the others on the team for all the lectures and detailed solutions in the guide. I landed 2 internship offers"


Offers: AQR, 1 boutique firm

"As you know, I go to a Top 5 CS/Math school, but still found immense value out of the lecture materials and question bank. Getting interviews wasn't really a struggle for me to begin with, but the interview questions were so easy after the prep guide."


Offers: Belvedere, Goldman Sachs

"Your preparation material is the best on the internet. You guys clearly know how to teach people."


Offers: DRW, one boutique firm

"I think what you guys do differently is teach fundamentals in a way that sets students up for being able to naturally answer all of the risk-taking and betting questions that show up in interviews.


Offers: Schonfeld, one boutique firm

"I wasn't getting a single interview before. Thanks to all of your guys resume fixes back in May and getting in touch with recruiters, I ended up with 6 first round interviews within 3 weeks. Cheers."


Offers: Point72